Future Christchurch.

My Central City

Join us in commemorating the remarkable journey of Christchurch’s rebuild, from the initial Plan to the thriving city it is today. The progress made since the devastating earthquakes has been nothing short of extraordinary, and we invite you to be a part of this momentous celebration.


rebuild of Christchurch

Here are some ideas to showcase the transformation and achievements of Christchurch:

  1. Community Exhibitions: Organize a series of exhibitions throughout the city to highlight the key milestones of the rebuild. Create interactive displays, including before-and-after photographs, videos, and personal stories from residents and business owners who have been instrumental in the transformation. This will provide a visual narrative of the city’s progress and evoke a sense of pride and resilience.
  2. Guided Rebuild Tours: Arrange guided tours to showcase the major redevelopment sites and architectural landmarks that have emerged since the Plan. Engage knowledgeable guides who can share insights about the design principles, sustainability features, and community input that shaped each development. These tours will offer residents and visitors a deeper understanding of the city’s revival.
  3. Public Art Installations: Commission local artists to create large-scale public art installations that reflect the spirit of Christchurch’s rebuild. These artworks can be placed in prominent locations, such as parks, squares, and along the Avon River, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the city while symbolizing resilience and hope.
  4. Rebuilding Stories: Curate a collection of personal stories, testimonials, and interviews from individuals who have been involved in the rebuild. These stories could be compiled in a book, podcast series, or video documentary, offering a comprehensive account of the challenges faced, the collaborative efforts involved, and the triumphs achieved.
  5. Reopening Celebrations: Organize special events and festivals to mark the reopening of iconic buildings, parks, and public spaces. Plan a grand reopening ceremony with live performances, music, and cultural displays, inviting the community to come together and celebrate the revitalization of these cherished landmarks.
  6. Sustainable Showcase: Highlight Christchurch’s commitment to sustainability by organizing an exhibition or conference focused on eco-friendly architecture, urban planning, and green initiatives implemented during the rebuild. Invite experts, architects, and policymakers to share their insights and ideas on sustainable urban development.
  7. Memorial Gardens: Create tranquil memorial gardens or spaces to honor the lives lost during the earthquakes. These serene areas can provide a place for reflection, remembrance, and contemplation, reminding visitors of the strength and resilience of the community.
  8. Future Vision: Engage the public in envisioning the future of Christchurch beyond the rebuild. Conduct workshops, surveys, or online forums to gather ideas and aspirations from residents, business owners, and visitors. Encourage creative thinking and collective input to shape a shared vision for a thriving, inclusive, and sustainable future for the city.

By celebrating the remarkable progress of Christchurch’s rebuild, we honor the resilience and determination of its people and inspire others facing similar challenges worldwide. Together, let’s acknowledge the journey from ideas to reality and embrace the renewed spirit of this vibrant city.

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